Like, the greatist! Can also be seen spelt:

Teh/the/ve Shizz/shiz

OMG! Cookies are the shizzle!
by al4eyes July 31, 2006
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It has two meanings, 'Sure' and 'Shit'. It all depends on the way you say it.
Sure - 'Fo Shizzle' = For Sure, Definately

Shit - 'That's The Shizzle' = That is good.
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For sure. Actually created by E-40, not Snoop Dogg.. but Snoop Dogg popularized the word.
"I've always wanted to say this... For Shizzle!" - Dave Chappelle, Racial Debate (as Tiger Woods)
by iLuVnArU March 23, 2006
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Means for sure. Its derrived from Snoop Dogg's created language
I would go with her....for shizzle.
by D. Herring March 20, 2005
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Getting your ass kicked or pwn'd either when playing an online video game or in some other in the hood group setting
After getting the crap beat out of them in a 9 on 9 game of COD 4 on XBOX I over heard them say "Damn y'all, we just got For Shizzled"
by Time2Roll December 8, 2007
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