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A stupid immature moron who can't think of anything intelligent to put for a definition.
"Oh man, you know that faggot fighter hayabusa, man he sucks testicles!
by your mom July 27, 2003
Pokerstars is a place where someone can go when they are just too relaxed. Within seconds of entering PokerStars the relaxation will simply melt away as you quickly became frustrated beyond what you thought possible. While at PokerStars you can pretend like you are playing poker, but truly your fate has already been decided by the time you sit down at a table. You can be sure you will get a lot of great hands, but there will always be a better hand so that PokerStars can take in their fabulous rake.
I went to PokerStars yesterday. So I had AA, and this other guy had AA, and two other guys had KK. We all went allin, and the board made 34567, we all split and lost money because of the rake.
by your mom July 12, 2004
To live like a big fat stinkin rich fuck
"I roll up all of this ike cash like im a fuckin stinkfat"-MC Juan Valdez
by your mom May 5, 2005
I gave her a ride on the vein train to a-town.
by your mom September 7, 2003
1.) a liquid-based food usually with noodles or vegetables, and usually served warm or hot.
2.) a dumb buttplug on this site who says a lot of stupid crap about the President, Arnold (The Governator), and various other people, places, and things. In addition, he is extremely immoral and the topics he picks to define on this site are disgusting. (OBSERVE BELOW, YOU SHALL SEE.)
1.) Campbell's Soup....mmm mmm good!
2.) Actual definitions by "soup":

-(Definition of Arnold Schwarzenegger:) The antithesis of democratic values;
an election that is a set up or is a joke.
See George Bush
Gonzalez, Lima, Peru:
"Are you going to vote in the election?"
Freddo, Lima, Peru:
"No way man the candidates are all Arnold Schwarzenegger's"
Source: soup, Jan 23, 2004

-(Definition of George Bush:) Just another stupid conservative male running anouther stupid conservative country
Just another reason why America represents so much that is wrong with the world
An excellent answer to an essay titled:
"what was the main problem the world faced in the beginning of the 21st century?"
Source: soup, Jan 23, 2004

-Memphis is a city in southwestern Tennessee. It has a high crime rate, high car theft rate, and lots of morons. The last one is actually the worse, however. The local hip-hop scene is overrun with monotony and redundancy. The city council is ran by a bunch of know nothing monkeys, and a lot people here are stuck in the past. They are pratically against progression. Hell, some even protested the Grizzlies, failing to realize that the team would rake major income. Welcome to Moronephis.
"What's better than Memphis? Anything."
Source: Soup, May 20, 2004

-(Definition of Catalin:) East European homosexual pride dance. Known for double anal penetration.
When I kicked him, my foot went clear to the ankle in his ass, he must have been a Cataliner.
Source: Soup, Apr 3, 2003

-(Definition of Monkey Grip:) The devouring of fabric unintentally into the vaginal crevass of a female.
See camel toe, or moose knuckle
Jesus, I had to use my truck and a logging chain to get her panties out of that giant monkey grip!
Source: Soup, Apr 3, 2003
by your mom December 8, 2004