Means won’t reply usually used on Snapchat
Out till late wr
Going to bed wr till morning
by Pineapplegirl2.0 November 4, 2018
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Acronym used in competitions or races - defining the "World Record". Mostly found in tv or videogames.
"Which is the wr for this track?"
"Wow, I can't even get under 60 seconds!"
by Timebreakerita December 7, 2015
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wr is probs the most annoying phrase on snapchat along with nrs. it means “wont respond”
someone on snapchat : “out now wr”
by ali25 April 12, 2020
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Do you know who the wr is playing for the Jets?
by Mang21 October 16, 2005
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(n); a group of bosses from Glendale, who run shit.
(adj); to sexually assault someone in an orderly fashion.
(n); those kids from WRS are the coolest! they must be super-human!
(adj); if you want to be a part of WRS, we must WRS you. ;)
by 4 ReaLLy November 28, 2010
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WR, is short for Women Respecter. If you are a WR, you are not gay.
i am a WR. Which proves that i am not gay like you fools.
by notpewdiepiexp December 21, 2017
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