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Pertaining to a particular geographical area. The size of this area is ambiguous and may be varied to suit a particular CEO's salery.
A "regional" airline can cover an entire continent while "regional" cell phone service may give you to the end of your street and possibly across the street if you're on an extended plan.
by Timmmay September 09, 2003
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They were *this* close.
Person A: "What the hell are regionals?"
Person B: "They were *this* close."
by CommandrMoose September 21, 2020
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re-gion-als (rē'-jə-nəlz)

DEFINITION: They're this close, Pierce!
And to think they were this close to regionals.

What the hell are regionals?
They're this close, pierce!
by ItsFeliciatime June 10, 2020
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