ease, alleviate, reduce, lessen, lighten, help
The ten-year-old boy helped relieve the old lady of the heavy burden of her grocery bags.
by XXHolic October 26, 2010
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The feeling of having a weight taken off of your shoulders.
I pooped and relieved myself.
by Irelievedtoday November 17, 2011
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While receiving a blowjob, the blower applies preparation H to your anus to releive the discomfort and burning from your hemorrhoids.
I was scared to use the suppository so my sister offered to give me a the reliever with the cream instead.
by glyptostroboides February 24, 2014
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The reliever in Abducted in Plain Sight is the type of friend I don not want.
by JCP1994 February 19, 2019
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Man, I was tearing Tanyas ass apart last night and she tapped out. As she was crying mercy, she said why don’t you stuff it it my Rectum Reliever. I asked her what she meant, and she opened her mouth and I obliged! What a great woman.
by Tee Cee Deez March 16, 2020
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Relieving one's self is a polite way of saying "peeing". For example "He proceeded to relieve him self against a tree" or "She had remove herself from the dinner table momentarily to relieve herself".
Could you excuse me?, I have to relieve myself. Hence "relieving yourself"
by DarthSkater July 13, 2014
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to have an orgasm, term mostly used towards someone masturbating, but also can be used for sexual intercourse, which is slightly better than "mocking your member."
hey man get out of the bathroom! I'm relieving stress.
by ifuckdumbbitches November 7, 2007
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