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"I use the word thingle, because i think it makes me sound gangsTER."
by Your mom February 22, 2004
They act of 'n00bing' or 'making a n00b'. Used when somebody accidently makes a n00b-like typo. Can also be spelled 'n00bed'.

See also: n00b
Person1: Wow!1 Really?
Person2: HAHA. You n00b'd.
by Your mom March 1, 2005
a semi-liquid collection of fecal matter lodged in or near the opening of the excrement unloading zone.2. a foolish or stupid person.
he was up to the second knuckle trying to dig out a buttbooger.2. hey buttbooger,get out of my way.
by Your mom September 4, 2003
James Bond uses a PPK, and Caesar salads never stood a chance.
by Your mom July 19, 2003