1) a talented, extraordinary man that can often flip off walls, skateboard, dance, and run like lightning; 2) a guy named Antoine attracts all the ladies with his mad looks; 3) he is the epitome of greatness; 4) he is reliable, a great friend, and everyone likes him; 5) everyone knows Antoine; 6) the nicest guy in the world!
everyone: "Look, it's Antoine. Is he a beast or a man?"
the ladies: "Man, I want me some hot chocolate. I got to get me some Antoine!"
by Genevieve88 March 21, 2009
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Antoine like things to be just perfect in every way. In most cases this is great. Antoine is a hard worker, a great friend, and an attentive partner. Antoine will spend any amount of time to get things up to your standard. But if you’re not careful, he can verge into controlling and impossible, becoming hung up on small details and missing the big picture.
When things are important, make sure you take a look at the bigger picture and focus on what’s really important, or Antoine's insistence on getting it “right” might destroy him.
Antoine: french name
also used as Anthony (english) or Antonio (spanish)
by MrWallGlitcher January 11, 2018
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Someone who is outgoing, everyone like this person but then they will become annoying. He is someone who LOVES food. All they think of is food. He like to look on others paper but sometime he will do his own work
Antoine is my friend
by Donuts04 March 6, 2018
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Antoine is a guy with a fat ass and a fucking big cock is also can beat up ur ass in five seconds because is a Russian solder. Is a big lover and all girls love Im and they also always want fuck with Antoine big cock. Antoine have a lot a friend, is very funny and social he can be friends with anyone. He also drinks a lot of vodka and fights with any bear he find
Sébastien: look it’s Antoine

Félix: omg is so thick

Sébastien: watch out he can kill you easiest did you think

Félix: i don’t care I want a baby whit this thick boy
by Ramenboyyyy November 22, 2021
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Antoine is the type of guy you wanna punch in the face. If its something he likes its sucking dick. Almost as much as Simon. If you see a Antoine shoot at sight. Make the world a favour.
OMG Its an Antoine Shoot him!
by AntoineHater96 May 15, 2020
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A Black/Asian man that is really cool, smart, great with words, and is very knowledgeable. Very much like the name Tony.
Have you met that guy named Antoine? No, why? Because he's just like Tony! but Asian...
by Jacobie07 January 18, 2011
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Aka Twan, Twonny and sexy.

He is such a dickbum because he is weaker than girls. Girls can easily wrestle him so he is practically a girl... he loves to jawline flex and take ab showing mirror pics..
Girl 1 : look its sexy twan!
Girl 2: nah Antoine is just a dickbum, szonja beat him up...
by SommerRayyy May 23, 2019
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