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Another word for the slang usage of the word crap.
"Holy crizzle!"
"We've got a whole crizzleload of stuff here!"
"Milli Vanilli was the crizzle."
by NLCast March 08, 2008
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crack, crack-cocaine, rocks, boulders, dope, work, hard, yellow
You are all a bunch of crizzle heads! Do you want to smoke some crizzle? Im all crizzled out. Damn, thats some good crizzle!! Got Crizzle?
by meerte February 28, 2009
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An all day party. A brunch or breakfast gathering of friends that lasts all day and late into the evening.
Our friends invited us for brunch and it turned into a crizzle.
by raysalittlehell August 06, 2019
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an extremely intelligent and stout individual. one who doesn't care who they piss off because there is virtually no competition for an individual like this. a crizzle is a role model for the geeks in high school... in short... a crizzle is a bad ass!!!!
gee... i wish i could be like crizzle...
Those crizzles are so awesome...
hey did you hear... John Mcgee just got an ass whippin' from crizzle!
by crizzle & the boys September 09, 2004
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Crack cocaine. Also known as rocks. It's a solid form of that wonderful white powder which the neighborhood nigger sells.
"Hey, ya wanna do some crizzles? All the other kids in our math class are doing crizzles. Come on Michaela, if you were cool you'd do crizzles."
by Ben McLaughlin December 15, 2003
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Any super-dank weed
Yo nigga I just copped the CRIZZZZLE- you wanna smoke an L?
by CrizzleCran August 07, 2003
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