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ghetto, crappy, pathetic
"Man, your '85 Yugo is gunty!"
by Your mom December 03, 2003
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a massive shit, of the type that makes a loud banging noise when it pinches off and hits the bottom of the bowl
Oh god... no more venison steaks. I just dropped a fuckin' hammer handle!
by Your mom September 08, 2003
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1. Mike Zabinski
2. One of any number of idiotic tyrants, but mostly Mike Zabinski.
Giant flying dildos thrive off the misery of others, and charge people for the privilege of working for them.
by Your mom January 02, 2005
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the act of shooting out a yellow substance out of the private area out on to someone. mainly done by some sick motherfucka.
man i was having such good sex that i just couldnt reach the bathroom so when i stood up out it went.
by Your mom February 16, 2005
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THE best movie ever made. About the famous mobster Henry Hill, and his life being a a simple kid, then going into the mob. It is the best movie ever.
jimmy: have u seen good fellas?

matt: no, why

jimmy: cuz its mad good, here borrow it, tell me wut u think

(1 week later)

by Your mom June 11, 2005
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