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The most pointless things ever created.
Everytime I see a fantasy schedule I die a little on the inside.
by Your Mom January 14, 2004
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A small, upper class town in Somerset County, New Jersey. About a 45 minute drive outside New York City, although most people opt for the hour long train ride (with Poland Spring bottles full of vodka, of course) to see Dave Matthews. You can tell when you enter Basking Ridge because the only cars you will pass are Mercedes, BMW's, Lexuses, Jags, Jettas and Jeeps... oh yeah, and your occasional Bernards High coke-head in a station wagon, skateboard included. The cops in Basking Ridge don't know what to do with themselves, so traditionally they will find out where a house party is, and wait for everyone to leave instead of break it up because - naturally - everyone drives home drunk, and its alot more fun to hand out DUI's. What's the harm in driving drunk when you can get from anywhere to anywhere in Basking Ridge in under 5 minutes? Real Basking Ridge residents know that the Hills is definately not part of town, but the best parties are usually there... with the exception of "the barn" where beruit, not (dear GOD) beer pong, is played almost every night. Also, if you leave your garage door open, expect to get all your beer stolen out of the standard outside fridge. The Short Hills and Bridgewater Malls are both extremely close, and everyone knows the reason why Bridgewater Mall isn't so trashy anymore is because Basking Ridge kids ran all the Immaculata and Bridgewater kids out. Everyone in Basking Ridge has played soccer at some point, and the high school team will kick everyone's ass. Everyone is high in Basking Ridge... if they didn't smoke in high school, they realized what they were missing and came home in love with weed. This creates an interesting diversity of potheads - the skaters and the preppy kids, the two main social groups. The big mystery of Basking Ridge: why on God's green earth they built a synagouge in the far end of town... there isn't anything but Christians in Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is a bubble, and proud of it. If you're looking for diversity, go to the Bernardsville apartments. Apparently that's where all the Mexican help lives.
Overall, its a white, Christian, preppy, wealthy little New Jersey bubble, but a great place to live. Everyone appreciates what they have... definately not as snobby as Far Hills or Chatham/Mendham, so all you people that are hating... must be from Bernardsville. Didn't we buy coke off you once in the back of that shitty movie theater you work at?
Basking Ridge is a historic town in New Jersey, which could make it seem boring, but we party harder than you do...
by Your Mom April 24, 2005
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followed by a loud noise someone should say....SUCK THAT!
chapelle: i want to pee on you...drip drip drip.......

by Your Mom March 25, 2005
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A drink made of milk, chocolate syrup and soda. The name egg cream was given in order to fool the gentiles.
I don\'t understand, it has neither egg nor cream.
by Your Mom April 27, 2005
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A selfish football player, who has everyone thinking he had no talent, despite he was 31th pick in the draft(to a SB team). They say he had no defense, but his defense had the name Killer B's(that's not a name for a sorry defense since it sounds cool), they said he had no running back(the truth is his HBs never got any carries), they always ranked high on pass offense(once again no carries for the HB and like were top 5 in pass attempts), and he tried to win a lot of games by himself.
the truth is Dan Marino owns just about every career passing record cause he was selfish, still same old from college(his team was #1, but he cost them, cause he was so busy trying to win the national championship) people kiss his ass cause he has records but no rings and they don't blame him.
by Your Mom March 28, 2005
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George Dubya Hitler likes male ass. He's a BVDeviant.
by Your Mom September 6, 2003
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