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immortal technique live from N-Y-C,best rapper to hit the earth, hear one song and youll see, the deep issues touched on with contriversy,his opinion stressed not correct politically, but immortal dont give a fuck what you think about him, hell divert you like the US to bin laden.
you better watch what the fuck flies outta your mouth or ima highjack a plane and fly it into your house.
by will March 16, 2004

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Pirates used this word to describe treasure.
Arr, mateys, claim the booty!
by Will January 25, 2004

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Generally the term Screamo refers to a branch of hardcore popularised in the 1990's by bands such as City of Caterpillar, Envy, Orchid, Saetia et al. Often features dischordant riffs, high-pitched screams, some spoken-word vocals (Saetia were known to utilize this technique quite often), and quite often the recordings were very lo-fi, and grainy.

However the term has been heavily popularised by MTV as a reference to the pop-punk/emo bands of the new century (Finch, Story of the Year etc).
Saetia, Angel Hair, After School Knife Fight, Joshua Fit for Battle, City of Caterpillar, Neil Perry...most of the bands on Level Plane Records.
by Will March 04, 2005

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when someone puts their mouth around your dick and sucks it until you ejaculate all of your sperm. Also known as oral sex.
Im gettin head this weekend by a hot girl.
by Will April 15, 2004

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Incredibly powerful and brutal race of people. Renowned worldwide for the ability to fight, hence why they are assiciated with lions, dragons, bulldogs etc, while the rose represents beauty.
Oh my its the english soccer hooligans, run!
by Will April 02, 2006

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A bastard who is characterized by devious and base intentions.
That rat bastard who ripped me off on the car deal also hits on my sister.
by Will March 17, 2003

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Nasty Nas, one of the most popular rappers of all time, and if not the best. The best lyricist, street poet, beats and erthin. Jay-Z and Nas used to get down back in the days of Illmatic. But then Jay-Z became all celebritized and did that Snake shit.

Whether it be Illmatic, It was Written, I am, Nastraduamus, Stillmatic, The Lost Tapes, Or Gods Son, Nas has it all.
jesus died at age 33, thats 32 shots from twin glocks at 16 a peice thats 32 which means, 1 of my guns was holdin 17, 27 hit yo crew, 6 went into you.
by Will January 18, 2004

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