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Slang word for thing. Also used to replace the proper word for any object.
"Hit that thang!"

"Give me that thang!"

"Where is that thang at?"

"You better find that thang soon."
by IceWarm March 12, 2004
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What people use to replace the word 'thing'.

Also a male part.
Ain't no thang but a chicken wang, so lets go bang bang, rightch'all!

Eww, put that thang away!
by BuBBadidzee February 22, 2004
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also reffered to as "them thangs"

means big, automatic weapons. AKs for example
"my hood down for whatever
we all ride with them Thangs"
Young Buck
by boom boom b August 28, 2004
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Can mean a number of things including guns, drugs, and pussy. It's usually used in place of those things as a means to be discrete about discussing those type of things, particularly the former two.
"I ran up on him wit the thang-thang, ya heard".

"Lemme get two of them thangs".

"Ayo ma, why don't you gimme that thang".
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abbreviation for that hoe aint no good
"yo, i just saw my mans t.h.a.n.g. in the club over there with those niggas"
"man you know that girl just aint no good "
by crizzlebizznes January 22, 2009
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