a name to call your best friends
hey hunni, how you been?
by maidan July 3, 2005
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a name that you call your best friend or a good friend ( usually a female calls another female friend hunni)
by lacostepink2 March 20, 2006
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a word people give to all sex friends
makes them sound friendly
"wow hunni u r just so beautiful"
by Gabbay January 1, 2006
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Pronounced honey but spelled as if pooh bear wrote it: a name given to someone you love, because there's no love stronger than pooh bear's love for his hunny.
She loves him so much that he must be her hunny.
by Miss Linn September 5, 2013
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Your Love, Your Goddess, Your Princess, Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Your Wife/Husband, Your Sweetheart, Your Sweetie, Your Sweetiepie, Your Pumpkin, Your Bella, Your Belle, Your Babe....
DJ PsyK(On Phone): Hey Hunnie, I Miss You & I Love You...
Belle(On Phone): No Sweetie, I MISS You & I Love You So So So So MUCH!
DJ PsyK(On Phone): I Love You Hunnie Sweet Dreams Bye.
DJ PsyK(On Phone): -- Click -- Hangs Up.

PsyKoLoGy.com 4 The New Generation....
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Not honey like the kind you put in your tea but is used to describe someone really hot or attractive. It’s someone who’s really hot and sexy.
Ooo damn she’s a hunny. She lookin fine today.
by maddieebelherr May 31, 2018
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Pretty , young independent girl , don't need a man , when she falls in love she falls deep ' artistic .. pain in the ass , slightly crazy defines "HUNNIE"
Hunnie Is sweet like candy and can be sour like sour patches
by Hunnnnz January 9, 2018
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