Any kind of metal music made by Christians, some people doubt the legitimacy of Christian metal because of the stereotypical anti-religious attitude of many extreme metal bands. There is no certain genre of christian metal, it depends on the music itself. Unfortunately, it is sometimes given a bad name by generic trendy bands who pretend to be 'the only alternative to all this evil satanic metal'
This is what the media tends too believe as well, Some good advice is to ignore trendwhoring groups and media image. In the massive underground metal scene, many AWESOME Christian metal bands exist.

Some great Christian death metal bands are: Crimson Thorn, Anaemia, Lament, Discarnated, and Mortification.

Other Christian metal bands (I won't bother to list genres) are Renascent, Crimson Moonlight, Theocracy, Far Beyond, Divine Symphony, Antestor, Immortal Souls, Shadows Fall (Yes, they are a GOOD metalcore band) and Stryper.

If you aren't Christian, or not religious (like me) Headbang!

If you are Christian, Headbang! and pay attention to the lyrics.
Some elitists think Christian metal isn't good because the bands are religious....funny...I don't think that stops them from playing heavy music
Person 1: Mortification's 'Scrolls Of The Megilloth' and Crimson Thorn's 'Dissection' are Death Metal masterpeices, by Christian metal bands.

Person 2: Christian Death Metal??

Person 1: Yep, listen to this (shows person 2 Mortification)

Person 2: Wow, killer Death Metal!
by MetalandRootBeer \m/ April 16, 2010
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A sorry excuse for "good christians" to listen to heavy music without being thought of as an atheist or "evil".
*Person 1 is listening to heavy screamo-like music.*

Person 2: Dude turn that shit off thats not even music. It sounds like satanic music.

Person 1: Nah man it's a christian metal band, it's not evil at all.

Person 2: Oh okay makes total sense.
by what?yousuckMYdick! November 30, 2010
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Metal that shatters the musical boundaries of what type of music should be associated with what type of belief. Music, after all, is all about self expression.
Me: "Hey dude you should listen to this metal band, Mortal Treason. They sound like freaking Dethklok but they are christian death metal."

Someone else: "Christian...death metal..?!?!" *head explodes*
by Immortal Treason August 21, 2009
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Sounds like death metal, but has biblically based lyrics. Makes fans of traditional death metal foam at the mouth and become the judgemental hypocrites they accuse Christians of being.

Uses the music of Satan to defeat his purpose.

Pwns noobs.
"Have you heard the new Becoming the Archetype? They kick ass. Oh wait, they're not talking about eating babies, I can't listen anymore. Dadgum that gosh darned Christian Death Metal."
by dekken February 20, 2007
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Forget gospel and Christian rock — death and black metal would have to be the most appropriate possible genres for a certain brand of Christianity.

Consider the story: a vengeful, jealous deity, bearing strong resemblance to many a bearded Viking god, has a half-human son (without the woman's permission) for the specific purpose of ultimately sacrificing him by means that are both excruciating and bloody.

Whereas the average human sacrifices result in something like better weather for the crops or victory in war, the ironic result of this one is that nearly all of us puny humans, too ignorant or naive to accept this Lovecraftian reality, are condemned to suffer torments inflicted by a band of fallen angels led by none other than Lucifer himself.

How fucking metal can you get? Does Buddhism even approach this?
Christian death metal lyrics in an uninformed imagination:
by Lenoxus May 4, 2009
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A funny oxymoron that Christian kids use to go against "The Man" and still be a "good" Christian kid. Ironicly the blasphemy, sexuality and violence of many death metal bands and songs are overlooked in this "genre".
"I went to Hot Topic and got this fuckin' sweet new shirt!"
"Cool, I got this sweet ass new spiked dog collar and this shirt that says, 'Lust is Pimp'!"
"Cool, let's go get ready for church!"
by CypressLB February 23, 2005
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