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Means hello; pronounced "heah-rooohw?". Used as a greeting for picking up the phone. Primarily used when pesky telemarketers call and evasive action is necessary.
"Harow?" "Uh yes we are calling about life insurance..." "Harow?" "Excuse me I would just like to talk" "Harow?" "Click...beeep" - Telemarketer gone.
by will April 01, 2005
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Otherwise known as Bill Beckenwerth, Harryman fought crime in the city. On criminals he had no pity. His career began in France and ended in Illinois. After his television show was canceled, he vanished and has yet to be seen.
by will April 21, 2005
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differing pronunciation of the 'hot.' Usually used when the individual in question is so fine they're beyond the definition of the word hot.
dem beetchis ees hat. So hat I denk I's gonna splooge. Oh yer.
by will April 08, 2004
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Golly MariAnn, of Josephs 5 wives you sure do a hecka lot of the baby-makin.
by will July 30, 2004
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herawana weed (marijawna) lased with herawin
i was smokin some herawana lastnight and i got soooo fucked up
by will August 11, 2004
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