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the water left over in your bong weed+ watter
i drank all the weeder from my bong and i got messed up
by will August 11, 2004
1. Short for William Taft IV’s Do-It-Yerself-Hand-Cranked-Bolmph-Engine. A mechanical apparatus invented during late 18th century by a southern plantation owner. Invention’s whose sole purpose is to stimulate the penis for masturbation. It consists of a wicker chair with an unsanded, unvarnished wooden box or cylinder that could be swiveled in place over the lap. Device was operated by a cast iron handle and crank on the right side to create a vibrating motion by turning a number of gears, sprockets and ratchets. Later models included a cast iron lever on the left side to simulate a pulling motion on the penis. When first tested by William in 1787 he was killed shortly after, when the lever broke off due to rapid pulling; and he drove several large wooden splinters into his pubic region, which became infected.
by will June 8, 2004
Popular Italian DJ. Has been around since the early 1990s. Pioneer of mediterrean house music. Artist, DJ, and producer.

Gigi has produced multiple hits in his day like "Bla Bla Bla" and "La Passion". However, no song has been as popular as his song, "L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You)". The song became instantly popular in Europe and eventually made it's way over to the US.

After "L'Amour Toujours", Gigi teamed up with popular radio DJ, Albertino, and made the surprise hit "Super". After making multiple compilation CDs, Gigi has released his "Silence" album. Great songs.

Gigi is a great DJ and an amazing artist. His sound is unique and so is his style. And it will be many years before Gigi retires. Till then, enjoy the music!
I listened to Gigi's "Silence" album last night. Best techno I've heard!
by will August 12, 2004
Founder of the Zybez internet empire.
"Hail W13, king of Zybez"
by will January 23, 2004
Combining the words:
"Newfie": a Canadian derogatory term indicating dimwittedness, based on the stereotype that people from Newfoundland are unintelligent.
"Donut": A proper donut requires a rear-wheel drive car, and is achieved by flooring the gas pedal with the steering wheel cranked all the way to one side, and the tires on a slippery surface.

A Newfie Donut then is a donut done in reverse, as necessitated when a car only has front-wheel drive.
His little four-banger only had front-wheel drive, so he wanted to do a Newfie donut, so he popped it in reverse and floored it.
by will December 8, 2004
A 1337 person who 120X012Z J03 n00b.
Also, a person who is a member of www.tranceaddict.com - the website that invented the wtf symbol and other such 1337 things that are now commonplace in the intranet.
That tranceaddict sure set me straight... when i said dj. sammy roxord he said "wtf? you n00b..."
by will March 15, 2005
Teh alpha, teh omega, teh Xeus, Weee bish!
Xeus plays online games and kills me lots!
by will February 9, 2005