Is when you know…

you’ve never Loved ♥️anyone

Like you love this person.

You also know…

It will never happen again.
by Wanderlust_721 December 30, 2022
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location or current status/activity
what's your 20, fool
by alpha March 20, 2000
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The age where the bouncer stops asking for your fake ID.
Seven-foot-tall gentleman whose name is Tyrone: "Yeah, you can come in."

Me: "Uh, you sure? You don't want to see my license?"

Tyrone: "You're 20, no one gives a shit."
by Twenty Years Old, Still Virgin January 26, 2013
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the number before 21 and after 19. generally used when counting.
"i can count to twenty!"
"twenty is my favorite number."
by Room-101 February 7, 2004
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part of a series of '10-codes' that many security officers & law-enforcement-types use, the '10-20' code refers to receiving a location coordinates from a second party at the other end of the line (over distance radio transmission). '10-4'- meaning that the transmission has been received.
"Soldier.. what's your 10-20?" often shortened to: "what's your 20?"
by xyzzy ëL§îX November 12, 2002
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The age you stop being a teen, the year before you turn 21.
by Shantelle. April 6, 2009
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