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An Eyelid Assassin is an individual who has an unusual fetish of ejaculting in their companions eye for the night. Typically the Eyelid Assassin approaches his companion, and upon the first hint that sex is in the cards, he will ask his partner if he can tape their eyelids open during sex so he can see the complete ecstasy he is bringing during inter course. Once the assassin is about to orgasm, he pulls his cock out, and instead of shooting his hearty load in the mouth, turns his massive cock towards the eyes and unloads a scorching hot load, which makes them scream in pain due to the heat. Typically the results are a burnt cornea, but in rare cases leads to blindness. While the odds of you encountering this freak are about the same as you encountering a Sasquatch, you have been warned, this sick twisted son of a bitch exists, and if you are asked to tape your eyelids open, think twice.
I had an encounter with the Eyelid Assassin, and every since that day, I suffer from double vision.
by Tee Cee Deez February 20, 2019

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A mouth or vagina
I’m meet this girl named Susan, and the only thing I wanted from her was unlimited access to her Dong Dorm
by Tee Cee Deez February 27, 2019

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A list of individuals you would like to blow a load on.
My god, I was checking Anita out, and I’ve gotta say, with an ass like that, she’s definitely making my Load List.
by Tee Cee Deez February 13, 2019

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When two heterosexual males are trapped in sexless marriages for numerous years, one night ultimately get hammered beyond oblivion, and strike up an anal romance.
I’m not sure what’s going on with Matt and Jeremy, but last Saturday I walked in on them fucking each other. It seems like they have started a Bunghole Bromance, and if their wives find out, their marriages are over.
by Tee Cee Deez February 18, 2019

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A word used to describe the dong
Three days ago, I had a blind date with a guy nicknamed Tiny. I’ve got to say, once we got back to his place and started getting after each other, his Clamslammer was anything but tiny.
by Tee Cee Deez February 19, 2019

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The experience of having sex with a late term pregnant woman, and in doing so, her tits are squirting milk at you.
I was having sex with Naomi last night, and while she was riding me, she Erackulated all over my face. It was kinda hot!
by Tee Cee Deez February 18, 2019

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A Load Liquidator is a promiscuous, selfless, and compassionate female who sleeps with a variety of men, who wear condoms, and upon orgasm, saves their sperm so she can then meet with infertle couples that are hoping to have a child via In vitro.
My wife and have a meeting with a Load Liquidator today, and we are hoping to have a successful session.
by Tee Cee Deez February 15, 2019

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