A beautiful and hot girl who isn't somebody you can meet everyday. She's smart and talented; she loves to help people and listen to your problems. You can tell Bonnie's anything and she'll listen for hours on end. She is extremely funny and will make you laugh; she loves to talk and talk and talk, but will know when to stop. She is also sarcastic at times and can come up with witty comebacks during arguments. She is also easily hurt and needs somebody to protect her.
PersonA: Who is that beautiful girl?
PersonB: That's Bonnie.
PersonA: I have this urge to go protect her even though she seems so strong and confident.
PersonB: Yeah, me too.
by Din0rawr December 7, 2010
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Pretty in Scottish. It basically means a pretty, sweet, smart girl. She's respectful and generous, and works hard at everything she does. She's kind to everyone, but is very stubborn and knows what she wants. She's loyal and would be an amazing girlfriend, would make any guy drool. Very pretty and has a sexy body. Keeps her inner feelings hidden but if she trusts you she'll devulge her secrets to you, and if she thinks of you as a true friend, she'll never turn on you. Creative and amazing at crafts, but not that athletic. Loves to read. Will care for you, and makes a wonderful best friend. Every guy and girl is super lucky to have a Bonnie in their life.
Guy 1: Who you staring at?
Guy 2: That girl over there, she's hotttt
Guy 1: Oh yeah! She's in all advanced classes and 3 guys already wanna ask her to the dance!
Guy 2: Smart and sexy eh... Her name must be Bonnie
by acdancinggirl13 March 17, 2015
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A Scottish word meaning attractive, pretty, handsome or good looking. Can be applied to people, animals, landscapes, etc - anything that can be beautiful. It comes from the french "bon" (good), and was famously used to describe the young scottish prince who was trying to take the british throne, "Bonnie Prince Charlie".

In America it is also a Woman's name
That's a bonnie cat you've got there

She's a bonnie girl

The sunset's really bonnie tonight
by hippyruth May 20, 2015
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Someone you can call your bestie!
A: Wow! Who is that!
B: That's Bonnie.
A: I want her to be my bestie!
by hawty01 October 13, 2014
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Sweet as pie
A person who is quiet spoken and laughs life away. Loves a good joke and a believes that a day with out laughter is a day waisted. Loves animals, dancing, drinking, and enjoys her friends.

Has more then one college degree.

Bonnies are mysterious and attractive woman.

Bonnies have beautiful eyes

At least one sheep on a farm is named Bonnie
I swear I have more degrees under my name then a Bonnie!

I partied like Bonnie last night

You are as sweet as a Bonnie!

I am truely Bonniefied by you
by QRS623 January 18, 2011
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A wife, serious girlfriend, or female family member of someone who's in the mafia. This slang was widely adopted from the first highly famous Bonnie, wife of Clyde.
"Get your Bonnie under control- she's still trying to run the joint."
by Khademi December 16, 2005
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Super-bitchin', as in, "will occasionally be a bitch, but only to further the cause, or save humanity from itself."
They are often Virgos, and sadly underrated as World Powers. They also rock in the sack.
Bonnie and Clyde (you'll notice no one ever says 'Clyde and Bonnie')
by Dorfwood May 28, 2008
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