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1: A female specimen who is all of the following things:


A good artist

A good singer

loves music .

2: A female who never thinks highly of herself even though she is just gorgeous and one of a kind .
3: One who is both beauitiful and has a wifey personality . So guys don't let he rgo .

4.She is extremely funny,goofy silly ! you name it !

5. people say their blondes because of their retarded jokes but they are actually very wise both book and street smart.

^. definitely loves yo party and hang riends .
out w their friends.
7. good at being there for people.
and just incredibly sweet and sensitive !

One of a kind !
Guy: Lorene, you know i feel like you're different. I have never met a girl who is both beauitiful and actually has a great personality . Any guyy would be lucky to have you .
by lorenenicoleee<3 August 04, 2011
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