1: A female specimen who is all of the following things:


A good artist

A good singer

loves music .

2: A female who never thinks highly of herself even though she is just gorgeous and one of a kind .
3: One who is both beauitiful and has a wifey personality . So guys don't let he rgo .

4.She is extremely funny,goofy silly ! you name it !

5. people say their blondes because of their retarded jokes but they are actually very wise both book and street smart.

^. definitely loves yo party and hang riends .
out w their friends.
7. good at being there for people.
and just incredibly sweet and sensitive !

One of a kind !
Guy: Lorene, you know i feel like you're different. I have never met a girl who is both beauitiful and actually has a great personality . Any guyy would be lucky to have you .
by lorenenicoleee<3 August 04, 2011
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Loren is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is beautiful, both inside and out, and would do any thing in the world for you at the drop of a pin. She fancies the idea she is unintelligent, even when people tell her better. And she is better. She is smart, perhaps not in the way people suppose, but she is smart. Also, she can be somewhat insecure at times. Just let her know you're there for her though...

And she'll be there for you.
Loren is awesome!
by Lin Beifong October 28, 2012
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Loren is the most prettiest girl you ever seen.Better than the rest.Shes often found with a guy who plays basketball named Brandon.They are the perfect couple.Loren ALWAYS has your back and will beat someone up for you if they are bullying her friends.Shes creative and talented and knows what she wants you want to be a Loren
Boy 1:Wait whos that? Is that a LOREN shes fineee....
Boy 2:Aye back off Loren is MINE
Girl 1:Oh how i wish i was a Loren
Girl 2:Me and you both girl....
by Imjustapowerfulrobot January 10, 2018
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Actually Loren is super awesome, and tall. Anyone named Loren not Lauren is kick ass. Anyone named Lauren, is a snotty little bitch.
Loren is soo kick ass. Yeah but Lauren is such a bitch.
by Loren Grady October 01, 2004
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A very extreme way of describing attention seeking so despret they may spread a rumor about themselves or do weird thing to attract people's attention And be melodramatic on things or just make things up
"Jane said she was attacked by a tramp"

"O she'l just be Lorening"
by MehMeeppeepmeh October 30, 2011
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That guy that is distant but when you get to know him he becomes a great friend. Can be very annoying at times (most of the time), but if you ever get personal with him he get very serious. Never the guy that gets a girl but wants one. Knows a lot of people and has more that 4 groups he hangs with (unless that one special group was the girl he likes). Not tall but the right height smart (but is over confident about it), easygoing, proper, and most of all loving.
Girl 1): did you just talk to Loren
Girl 2): yea but he is so serious like what a "Loren"
by Loren T. March 02, 2017
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loren. you can be every sweet and a bitch at the same time. you are super gorgeous but don’t realize it. Most of the time your insecure. you won’t let anything stand in your way. you can be every aggressive when you want to be. you are smart, just in a different way. your hilarious and can put anyone in a great mood. focus on the people who love you, not the people who don’t
loren- she’s confident, pretty, funny, bitchy. watch out don’t make her mad
by lorennrt November 25, 2018
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