its a word that can be used instead of
*Excuse me
* and other forgiveness-asking words
beg your pardon?
by maryankee July 11, 2008
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A nerdy way of saying "sorry" or "excuse".
Someone needs someone to move out of the way-Pardon me

Someone needs someone to repeat themselves-Pardon?
by Coollikeice October 4, 2019
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A word that Jungkook loves to use instead of saying "excuse me" or "sorry?"
Jungkook: Pardon?
by JamsofJimin July 25, 2017
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The one word that the leader of BTS Namjoon and his son Jungkook use to communicate with eachother
Exp 1:
After one video of saying pardon together, Jungkook would turn into a seagull and fly around the world stealing peoples Tea and Kookies, and instead of saying Excuse me or Sorry he would just say Pardon.

Exp: 2
Namjoon: Example one! Situation one!

Jungkook: Pardon?

*Awkward silence*

Both: Pardon?
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a gay ass way of saying Sorry
Eli: Yo, how big is your dick?
Mike: Pardon?
Eli: Yo, bitch you don't live in England, you like in United States bitch!
by someunfunnyguy69 May 29, 2018
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