To completely obliterate an object (or person) to nothingness.
Dude, I am gonna dismantle your unit.

Hey, it looks as if your vehicle has been dismantled, yet it still seems to suit you for your daily ventures.
by Jansen Douglas August 10, 2006
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The state of being dismantled.
Right now this engine is in a complete state of dismantlement.

by Squirrelking July 12, 2006
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take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
"the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap"
Dismantle me daddy
by Α January 13, 2022
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To use one's intellect to destroy another in a debate or argument
Ruth Anne verbally dismantled the man who thought Macklemore was in the right to display his "you should have won" text message on social media.
by DAPDAPCOO February 1, 2014
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The worst insult in the universe. A person who is called this is the lowest of loser whores now and in any point in time.
by Not Robotic Silence September 27, 2003
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A word invented by Shaq while giving commentary on the Lakers vs. Timberwolves game on 4/11/2023, used to describe “dismantling of the opposing team”
dismantlization is when one team tears up the opposing team by taking out their players, one by one.
by SpicyMama34 April 12, 2023
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Dward dismantling is When you dismantle a very short person (dwarf) for your own pleasing. Often this is used in illegal acts, almost like sacrifices for a better and longer life.
Hey guys wanna go dismantle a dwarf today?
My father did a dwarf dismantling yesterday.
by Big booty sexer September 28, 2017
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