1. Someone who works with another to get something done. A person who helps another carry out some plan...Usually bad.

2. Partner in Crime
My accomplice helped me out when I needed a favor.
by AZ.. February 2, 2008
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The TOP ranking of any kind of friendship. If you are titled accomplice, then you should be honored, and proud that you are that good of a friend.
Sophia: Hey, I want you to be my accomplice

by sophiasaccomplice May 24, 2016
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A universal accomplice is an individual that helps demolish internal and external ablest beliefs systems. They promote self-reliance and interdependence consciously.
When people are aware of other individuals needs and take action to support them they can be called an universal accomplice .
by The Brassknucklebeauty October 18, 2021
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Someone compliant with a kid that shoots up a school, even if they didn't pull the trigger.
The instigator was accomplice of the shooter if he/she convinced the kid to go and shoot up a school, that makes the instigator an accessory to murder. Perhaps being an instigator should be a little bit less fun and glamourized the way it is in songs, but it's unlikely that people will start thinking of it as an irredeemable quality in someone any time soon.
by The Original Agahnim January 26, 2022
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