1. to leave town

2. to flee the scene of a crime

3. something used to leave town

4. something used to flee the scene of a crime
The robbers ditched their getaway car in a lake.
by Light Joker May 24, 2006
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A Grand Theft Auto style game set in London with lots of cockney rhyming slang and swaring.
I went out and bought a copy of The Getaway immediately.
by Antony May 28, 2004
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"Yo man did you check out the getaways?"
"yeah, they rocked"
by Joey C December 10, 2006
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When you're an A* student and can get away with pretty much anything if you use the excuse of being 'stressed'.
Tasha definitely did an A* getaway so she didn't have to do the homework.
by clubpenguinfun June 3, 2016
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GTA-style game set in London. Different to the arcade-esque gameplay of GTA in that The Getaway aims to look like a film, or real-life situtation. The graphics look very realistic and there is almost nothing on screen during game-play. Unlike competitors (GTA, Driver, True Crime) The Getaway uses officially licensed cars throughout the streets of London.

The cooler aspect of this game is the fact that London has been flawlessly recreated on the PS2, enabling some people to drive to their house in the game (check out realgetawaytour.com). The game is very violent and contains a lot of swearing.
The first Getaway is about an ex-criminal, Mark Hammond, whose wife is shot dead and his son kidnapped. He is then blackmailed into doing the kidnapper's dirty work throughout the game. On the other side of the story is DC Frank Carter who is constantly working on bringing the kidnapper to justice.

The second game (Black Monday) uses a similar method of dividing the story. A bank-job by a bunch of opportunists goes awry and most of them are killed, prompting Eddie (a boxer) to go out on a personal mission to kill the guy responsible for their deaths. At the same time SO19 cop Ben Mitchell is always right behind Eddie, cleaning up the mess he makes, until they finally meet. This game has multiple endings depending on the way you complete certain missions.
by DCI January 16, 2005
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1. the act or instance of escaping down the the OD house hallway after scuffing up doors with Mikey's scuffy shoes, usually involves a horselike trot, spanking of teh butt and large consumptions of grey goose by the founding members of GAS

2.consequence of retaliation for weak behavior, such as watching "American Sweethearts" on a friday night.

derived from drunken american english circa 2002.
The getaway was needed after all that writing on the door.
by chexmix78 November 5, 2004
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A song that makes your asses cry. Sang by Taylor Swift.
A song that is pure bop.
Hey! Have you heard the song Getaway Car?
Nope, I'm not yet finished listening to all the songs in 'reputation'
by Buyreputationbois December 3, 2017
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