i laid my chick like there was no tommorow.
by 5zigen June 18, 2003
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1.to have intercoarse with someone.
2.to pleasure yourself with somone that you will never see again.
3. to do the best thing known to man kind
4. what happens to the girl in the herbal essensces comercial with shampoo
ooooohhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh oooooohhh
thats the spot baby right there yes yes yes yes little to the left aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
by Olivia July 19, 2004
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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Getting laid means you have casual sex with someone, or non-casual sex with someone you don't really care for. You would never said you got laid by someone you love.

The term is mostly used by guys, because most guys are insensitive pricks, but some girls use it too as some girls are insensitive pricks as well. It's mostly used for telling your friends the day after.
Guy: So, how did it go with the girl in the party last night?
Guy2: All the way, dude. I got laid!

Guy: I just got laid, dude!
Guy3: You know, it kinda tells a lot about what you think about girls, the way you talk.
by Thor-Rune November 22, 2006
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to have been fucked the night before (probably).
usually a one time thing.
girl 1: did you hear? sara got laid by some hot junior from another school.
girl 2: lucky bitch.
girl 1: why are we talking like guys?
girl 2: ew, i don't know. let's stop.
girl 1: yeah.. GETTIN' LAID!
girl 2: (stares)
girl 1: sorry.
by girlll369 November 14, 2007
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<noun> intercourse in which the agitating characteristics apparent from one's lack of a sex life are trumped; usually refers to the instance in which a repressed male is laid by a woman, and is particularly suggestive of sex where the woman takes up the dominate position of riding the male from on top.
(1) Man, you definitely need to get laid.

(2)<verb> She laid him out like Sunday's ironing.
by Jesse Washington May 13, 2008
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it means to have sex with someone but there is another meaning....
dad:hey how was your day?

daughter/son: I got laid

dad: WATZ!

daughter/son: im cereal i aint lyin
get it???? hahah

daughter/son: i got lost and im dying geez!
by urhelper July 26, 2011
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