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The act of becoming one with whatever task you are trying to achieve. One dimensional. Tunnel vision. Grindin'. One who is "in my bag" has forgotten about all else except for the current moment. When you are in your bag you are unstoppable, you will shred anything and everything.
I was in my bag when I got 30 headshots last night!
by SilkyMeatloaf July 26, 2019

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Incredibly fake eye lashes. They generally make women appear far more attractive. Falls into the maintenance category of yet another thing a women must find time to do in order to receive penis. Most women find it makes them more attractive but the only purpose they serve is to catch cum that is dripping of their forehead. In cases of extreme accuracy it may block what would be a direct eye hit during a facial.
After Blondie and I left the bar she went down on me! Bro I glazed her cum catchers!

My boyfriend tried to blind me last night but thankfully my cum catchers protected my eyes.
by SilkyMeatloaf July 20, 2019

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A "Chad" that fell short of making the fraternity. What an Addison lacks in size he tries to make up for in Horse Power. Usually drives a late model Mustang. Addison's vehicle will be loud and most likely covered in graphics. Addison's usually do this because they can not get normal attention do to their small stature. An Addison once Googled "Can a beta male ever really be an Alpha male?". Addison's strive for positions of power but once attained it is usually short lived due to an Addison's inability to get along with anyone over 5' 5".
Did you guys see the veins poppin' out of the bosses neck when he was scolding us? That guy is such an Addison!
by SilkyMeatloaf July 17, 2019

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When an extremely short male receives an unearned promotion at his place of employment. The promotion is achieved by letting other male bosses perform sex acts on his anus. It should be noted that said person may also be the pivot man in a circle jerk due to their small size. People promoted through the "greasy varesi" method are easy to spot because they have recieved so much semen to the face that they smear it into their hair in the shape of a faux hawk.
How in the world did Addison get promoted? I dunno Stella but the rumor is it was a greasy varesi.
by SilkyMeatloaf July 21, 2019

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When a female, usually with mocha eyes and caramel skin, parts her hair in the middle and braids each side. When you see this sun kissed goddess you immediately feel as if you are on top of the Millenium Force about to drop and all else disappears, just you and that moment.
Yo did you guys see Alexis and her Millenium Force Braids?

Yeah man those Millenium Braids will wreck a man's life!
by SilkyMeatloaf July 20, 2019

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The act of covering your raging boner in ranch dressing in hopes that a girl that usually wouldn't suck your dick will because she loves ranch dressing!
I dunno fellas she just isn't in to me, I can't even get pity head from her.

Did you try a Vergona Bona? That girl can't turn down ranch dressing bruh!
by SilkyMeatloaf July 21, 2019

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Usually takes place when your partner rejects you for sex. The rejected person waits until their partner is on the middle of a massive shit. At just the point when your partners legs go numb from being on the toilet so long you break in and force yourself on them. Generally your partners legs are so numb they can not close them. The utter shock of you busting in has also rendered their arms useless. This is a sneak attack so you must climax quickly before your partner realizes what is happening. It should as also be noted that the longer you take, the more likely you are to get covered in pooh.
I don't know what going on with my wife and I. If she doesn't give me some soon I am going to have to give her a Dirty DelDuco.
by SilkyMeatloaf July 22, 2019

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