A word which, when used by either IT, Telecommunications, Management or Marketing staff tends to mean "a job done poorly due to lack of planning or skill, that will remain in place for all eternity"
by SJS August 29, 2006
A song by One Direction that Niall Horan wrote. It is very much an underrated bop.
Person 1: “Did you know that Niall wrote Temporary Fix for 1D?”
Person 2: “HAHA, yep, Niall the church boy who?”
by myloveforonedirection January 17, 2021
Created by mental health activist John Junior, who preaches this quote everyday to reassure people that “The mood is temporary”
Remember the mood is temporary, the way you are feeling won’t stay the same
by John Junior 1 January 23, 2021
A method to get out of eating some weird meat that you do not wish to eat.
Larry was invited to the Von Cider house. When they announced that dinner would be liver and onions, Larry (who loves steaks and chicken, etc.) said "that sounds great, but unfortunately I am a Vegan and can not eat that". Larry had successfully implemented the tactic of temporary veganism.
by Doctor Geo Zee October 28, 2020
Helping someone out for a period of time. Also visible in the One Direction song with the same name, written by Niall Horan. As "No Control" it's one of the more mature/edgy songs the band has written and performed. The meaning of "Temporary Fix" shows in the lyrics.
"You can call me, when you're lonely. When you can't sleep, I'll be your Temporary Fix. You control me, even if it's just tonight."
by finzi kikilino March 25, 2021
A "friend" that is made for a small amount of time. A person to talk to in movies or at a event. As soon as it ends. You have no contact and are strangers once again.
" You were talking to that girl a lot during the movie, you get her number?"
" No, she was just a temporary friend"
by CorruptDino February 24, 2018
A lie used to buy time until you can tell the truth.
No, we're not having a surprise party for your birthday.
(this is a temporary lie to buy time and throw the person off the trail of a birthday party.)
by Jilina November 20, 2007