1. A phrase said by african-americans who are from compton, ca. 2. A phrase said by a one, Matt, who is not black but should be.
by Ultimo Dragon December 18, 2003
When someone is born into poverty and becomes wealthy, they may say they got their money "straight out the dirt". Going from rags to riches without handouts.

Popularized by E-40's song "Straight out the dirt". The lyrics state "I went from nothing to something, I had to make this shit work. Came up from nothing, I got it straight out the dirt".
*E-40 pulls up in a ferrari*
Hater: "Ha, your dad buy you that?"
E-40: "Nah, I got it straight out the dirt"
by YuhBoy_Joe March 22, 2018
In gaming or in life, instead of rage quitting you call out a gamer or group as "Straight out of the Can" instead of calling them "trash" or "garbage" due to trolling, stupidity or their just chillin' and not contributing to the effort.
"...this group of randoms are so bad they are 'straight out of the can'. Random replies "...what chu mean!??" You reply "straight out of the Trash Can..."
by FujiYugi April 14, 2018
origins in '50s hipster slang, jive talk. synonymous with cool or chill, this word basically means something is generally pretty fucking sweet. to be used sparingly.
"well, mr smith, i'm pleased to say that you've got the job; welcome on board"

"for real? shit, that's straight out the fridge!"
by put that shit on ice February 24, 2010
Cutting across several lanes of traffic to take an exit at the last possible moment while driving a vehicle. This is typically done on a freeway from the left most lane in a urban area or city like Detroit.
I was hauling on I-94 in the left lane doing a buck twenty sippin' on cognac in my Pontiac, when I realized I was about to pass my girl Michelle's exit. Sho-nuff I cut that wheel and made the turn, straight out of Compton! I musta cut across four lanes of traffic and put two wheels in the weeds! Welcome to Detroit my brutha...
by 0227 December 28, 2013