The act of urinating on someone for sexual pleasure.
The only thing that made my life complete is when Claire gave me a golden shower and turned my face into a toilet seat.
by Oaklaneballa April 30, 2018
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When you shower your loved one in piss
Lover #1 HONEY I’m home!!!!
Lover #2 Shall I prepare a Golden shower for you dear?
Lover #1 Yes dear
by whts_Nx February 5, 2020
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A stream of golden liquid comes streaming from the genitalia onto or into another person. For sexual pleasure, humiliation, or cleansing purposes. Often associated with 'Golden Oldies' because it is such a primitive thing to do. However, it predates the golden oldies. It predates the wheel. It probably predates the universe.
Unga: unk unk booga unk bog stump!
(I gotta take a leak babes, and I'm super-horny, and you smell a lil funky. Can I give you a golden shower)
Nunga: unk lunga stumhu plk
(Oh my god you're such a cocky bastard! That's so sadistic, primitive and sick, you perve! I'm staying at my mothers! Don't even dare calling me!)

Many centuries later
Jon: my dearest lover. Thy hair floweth down thine supple back as urine down the recipent of a shower of gold
Dee: ew. I feel sick now. Goodnight
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The act of urinating on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way of humiliation. More common than a Golden bath, where, during anal sex, one partner urinates into the colon of the other.
Do you need me to give you a golden bath?
by EJL December 12, 2003
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n. The act of urinating on someone for sexual pleasure.
e.g. "Last night, my girlfriend got a little kinky, and gave me a golden shower."
by Golden Shower Boy July 23, 2005
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Some times:
The act of peeing on a significant other shows loyalty, honest and belong to someone that's dear to you shows vulnerability and faithfulness , peeing on someone show your longing, care for, faithfulness, how much there wanted by you
Primal Animalist Love:
mark their territory to signal “ownership” and to advertise sexual receptivity and availability.
My love show me true love with a golden shower to express we belong to one other
by Thinking man Balthasar July 4, 2022
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A sexual act involving one person urinating onto the body of or into the mouths of other people.
I can take about an hour on the tower of power, as long as I gets a little golden shower.
-Frank Zappa (From "Bobby Brown Goes Down")
by Bobby Brown March 27, 2003
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