84 definitions by Robin

a street urchin, a scruff, Glasgow slang...also see ned
that boy is a weekev
by Robin October 08, 2003
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a man who has a farm just so he can eat all his animals shit
you sir are a shit farmer!
by Robin February 06, 2005
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something that chelsea fc do not have
CAAAAAREFREE wherever you may be
chelsea aint got no history
by Robin January 03, 2005
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A wanker a person who can't get any who is also ugly
Do you know what you are dave? i'll tell you what you are, YOU ARE A WANKFACE
by Robin January 03, 2005
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When some drunk lamer, slides trough other peoples piss and uses beer to cover op them stench
Guy: ooh it smells like sprite, must be some pissyglidaz over here!
by Robin December 10, 2003
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someone who is seriously crazy ass fucked up.
That mofo is a Whackedfucker.
by robin September 06, 2003
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The international music sensation with such hits as "This is Youge" and "The Fish Have Spent So Many Generations Underground."
Peace Aiwa, can I have your babies?
by Robin January 27, 2004
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