If the sign on the door says "Occupied" it means that I am inside tapping her ass!
by Chad Deese October 19, 2003
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When playing a guitar, you "Tap" a note by slamming on your fingers (hammer ons) and pulling the fingers off forcefully (Pull offs) repeatedly. Trills are done this way.

ALSO, double handed tapping, when playing a guitar with two hands on the fretboard
Look at Eddie Van Halen play eruption! That double handed tapping is amazing.
by Zipwolf June 24, 2005
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1. The art of under age drinkers asking someone over 21 to buy them alcohol outside the liquor.grocery store.
Hey Sean, tap that guy for beer - he looks like he wouldn't be a cop.
by Bud E Love May 6, 2003
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When one person takes can of beer which has just been opened and another person slams the top with a full can and the person puts the hole over his mouth and the beer is forced into his mouth because of the massive amount of pressure from the fizz.
He tapped my beer and 3/4 of it was shot down my throat.
by llello October 2, 2003
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In the realm of the game WolfTeam, tapping is a synonym for hacking.
by mrtappers April 19, 2009
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Tapping is a common mis-used word in the Urban Dictionary. Please refer to TAPPIN
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
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