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Stupid to the extent that you can't even spell the word itself.
That dude is so stoopid that he spells the word "stupid" with two "o"s.
by Pipe Downn November 01, 2008
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Get lost; piss off.

British slang, wrongly believed by many to originate from the 2004 Nick Love film "The Football Factory".

The expression, however, has a far longer history - dating back in Scotland to at least the 1640s, when it appears in Francis Semphill's popular song "Maggie Lauder"
Jog on your gait, ye blatherskate,
My name is Maggie Lauder.

(Get on your way, you bletherer,
My name is Maggie Lauder.)
by Pipe Downn November 13, 2013
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Derogatory term, used to describe a person (usually male) perceived to be either
a) homosexual
b) effeminate
c) ineffectual
d) worthless
a) Go back to your boyfriend, you faggot.
b) That haircut is so gay, he's such a faggot.
c) Faster you faggot, lift those legs!
d) You ain't nuthin but a cheap faggot.
by Pipe Downn November 28, 2009
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Totally insane; insane enough to fuck a bat.

May be used adverbially as an intensifier (e.g. "batfuck crazy") or on its own as an adjective.
You little sister is completely batfuck crazy. She was trying to smoke a coathanger.

Yea, she's totally batfuck man.
by Pipe Downn October 10, 2008
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A society whose political system is characterised by the rule of fucktards.
Under George W Bush, America became the world's premier tardocracy.

The Palin 2012 campaign proposes a new benchmark for tardocracy.
by Pipe Downn October 23, 2010
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This is a common phrase, which people often over-complicate.

In fact, it means exactly what it says:

GO: Go, get hence, vacate yrself from here. And instead:
FUCK: Fuck, shag, accost, effect carnal intercourse with:
YOURSELF: You, yourself, you.
Whaddya mean what do I mean go fuck yourself?
Go. Fuck. Yourself.
You. Wanker.
by Pipe Downn September 13, 2009
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One thousand megaboos
My iPhone has a gigaboo of boo
by Pipe Downn May 12, 2011
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