After the Civil War,some whites were so poor they had to crack their own corn because the could not afford mill.
That cracker thinks he's high and mighty. He forgot where he came from.
by Correcta July 27, 2009
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1) (brit. slang) crazy or insane

2) a small kind of firework filled with powder, which explodes with a sharp noise or with a series of sharp cracks.

3) one who breaks open, into, or through, as a safe, a secret code, or a barrier.

4) a thin, crisp biscuit.

5) one who throws out or utters with smartness.
(example) I dont eat crackers in church.
by MidKnight Outlaw June 13, 2008
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Cracker is a game played between 2 or more people with dicks. A cracker is placed before each crank and on the count of 3 the participants race to ejaculate on their cracker. The last one to complete the orgasmic release must eat everyone else's spooge covered saltine.
Dude! You lost! Eat that jizz covered, crispy bread! You suck at Cracker! Maybe you should take up sucking dick!
by Mandrew December 06, 2015
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Not to be confused with the lower-case-initialled word, Cracker is a kick-ass police drama series from the UK starring Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in the Potter movies) as a criminal psychologist in the employ of Her Majesty's Police. He is Scottish (of course) and grimly determined to have show-down after show-down with his wife over his additions to gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Has a bit on the side with Sergeant Jane Penhaligon (whom he refers to as "Panhandle"), played by Geraldine Somerville (Lily Potter in the movies). He is deeply pessimistic and cynical and possessed of an ineluctable Celtic perception (sans tinsel and cliched stuff; think of the real Scotland) of the fundamental bleakness of the human condition. Sarcastic as hell. Unforgettable.
Oh, yes, the criminal cases are kind of interesting, too.
Did you catch Cracker on the tube the other night? Did you see the bit where Coltrane's smarmy colleague jumps off the roof?
by Fearman June 18, 2007
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A term commonly used in Miami in reference to an authoritative figure such as the police, government, or officials within the government that is able to exercise police power(s).
Hey bro you were supposed to be here 2 hours ago, what happened?
I pulled out of my complex & the crackers pulled me over for speeding thru a red light.
by JB-305 March 02, 2014
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Scottish origin, a "cracker" was a person who talked and boasted, derived from the Gaelic "craic" meaning 'talk', later becoming more derogatory
let's go doon the pub n' hae a good craic wit tha mates" - "that wank is sure the cracker tonight
by Brolachan650 May 29, 2010
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Derogatory term for lower income Caucasians in the South. Also know as po' white trash. Usually make their living as sharecroppers.

Comes from grinding or "cracking" corn to use for cornmeal rather than buying cornmeal or flour at a store.

Not a saltine cracker.
Not a wealthy plantation owner.
Not a Massa crackin' de whip
The song:
Jimmy crack corn but I don't care....De Massa gone d'away

Out of the way, cracker!

slang rascist racism reverse discrimination Caucasian White People Trailer Trash slaves slavery nigras niggers negro nigga
by b'cuz I can July 04, 2010
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