Stupid to the extent that you can't even spell the word itself.
That dude is so stoopid that he spells the word "stupid" with two "o"s.
by Pipe Downn November 2, 2008
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Having the quality of being really, really, really, stupid
That movie was so stoopid that it is spelled with two o's.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005
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The Hawaiin pronunciation and spelling of stupid.
That whitey's stoopid.
by studium January 25, 2010
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Extremely foolhardy, yet quite impressive if executed successfully.
Man, that blindfolded, triple somersault on one rollerblade while holding a bowling ball was one stoopid stunt.
Standing up to your boss and telling him he's a pansy if he doesn't give you a raise - now that's scary stoopid.
by Ralph Pinkerton December 18, 2003
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a term used by a mentally retarded musical genius known as Tekashi 69. In STOOPID the music video, at 0.48 is an example of how Tekashi 69 use this term, as he performs his sacred ritual which involves kicking his legs and jumping laterally at an incredible speed of 69 miles per hour, while chanting "bitch are you dumb(x69 times)", and ends it all with his signature term, stoopid. According to his 12 year old fuck-buddy, he also screams stoopid with an aggressive tone whenever she tell him to use a condom, he now has 69 children, 32 boys and 37 girls, weak pull out game.
girl(12 year old): Why do you sneak me in your cell just to fuck, also, we should use a condom for protection, shouldn't we?
Tekashi69(pedophile): BITCH YOU STOOPID, I'M GOING IN FUCKING TREYWAY, KING OF NEW YORK, BITCH STOOPID. *proceeds to ejaculate in girl*
by educatedurbanlexicographer December 12, 2018
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Stoopid is the quality of being stoned. If you know Slightly Stoopid, it means being hign enough to get through the day. Or, high enough to just kick back.
I only have a little weed, so I'm gonna get slightly stoopid.
by raddest fuckin dude ever June 27, 2006
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When someone uses this word and spells it incorrectly, you can tell that the subject they are referring to is so utterly moronic that it kills their brain cells at the very thought of it.
OMG you don't know what leet is? you r so stoopid... (etc.)
by Janis December 30, 2005
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