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(Adj.) 1) Portmanteau word formed from "fucking" & "ridiculous," describing something SO unreasonably absurd, that calling it "ridiculous" is far beyond inadequate for adjectival usage; or, 2) Through-the-looking-glass idiotic.
1) My landlord hasn't fixed the hot water for 5 days! That's just fuckdiculous!

2) That guy I REALLY hate at work used me for a reference when applying for his new job: that's fuckdiculous!
by Phuqit December 2, 2009
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An iPad that gets used most often for watching internet Porn, and vigorous self-pleasuring.
My wife woke me up at 3AM with the yummy sounds she was making while playing with herself and watching girl-porn on her PornPad.
by Phuqit December 16, 2011
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Squeezing and pinching at the same time while taking a huge dump to compress it so that it doesn't rip your asshole on the way out.
The pain made me squinch just in time, or I would have had to get a chopstick to dig that turd out.
by Phuqit November 11, 2006
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A peculiar type of long, wet fart that can only made while engaged in the mutual joys of picking your nose and taking a huge dump. It makes you laugh hard--the ultimate multi-task.
I heard Steve's loud shtork through the bathroom walls and he laughed so hard that he fell off the bowl!
by Phuqit November 11, 2006
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Refers to Barack Obama, who as President never missed an opportunity to support an Islamist cause, nor to denigrate Jews or Israel. Derived from the Islamic practice of Taqiyya: To lie to the face of your enemy in order to lull them into complacency, whilst you gain sufficient military or political strength to destroy them, as they rely upon the (absent) truth of your assurances.
The Taqiyyist-in-Chief said that Iran will NEVER get a nuclear weapon on his watch, and that inspections of Iran's nuke facilities will be "ironclad."
by Phuqit August 26, 2015
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A huge turd, comprising nearly the entire contents of the large intestine, that gets deposited in one piece and coils around the bowl a few times.
Guess I'm eating enough fiber, 'cause I almost clogged the damn toilet with that rectal reptile!
by Phuqit October 9, 2006
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(adj.) 1--A guy so notoriously horny that the crack of dawn isn't safe around him.

(noun) 2--A guy who manages to get far too much female attention, resulting in a largely disproportionate number of women having intercourse with him.
Don't ever invite Mike to your Perv Parties--he'll be trying all night to poke every woman there, that Shtuppalotopuss!
by Phuqit October 20, 2011
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