1. (n) the anal opening, specifically, yours. you are probably sitting on it right now.
2. (n) poop goes out, my penis goes in
your asshole is big enough to park a truck in
by sirsurefoot April 23, 2005
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Your asshole better shut the fuck up or we're gonna have a serious motherfuckin problem - right NOW.
by homes 661 January 07, 2012
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Tailoring an asshole is a very delicate procedure where a man with a beard of great girth licks your asshole. This is a very delicate process because he must lick it like an ice cream scoop on top of a cone. His beard may touch, but only on the cheeks never getting in the way of the actual anus. Due to this delicate process a sober hobo or bum can be used, but is not recommended.

Mustaches of any kind, neck beards, goatees, and mutton chops are not suitable substitutes.
"I got my asshole tailored so good last night by some guy at the party." - White Young Female in her 20's

"Bitch, I will tailor your asshole so good tonight!" -Older Black Gentleman in his 40's
by Crusty Peas February 03, 2013
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Otherwise known as the ole Kyle Coleman. It is the act absolutely destroying the rectal opening beyond repair. Similar to damaging the brain and requiring a helmet for life.
He forgot my jacket this time and if you do it again I will retard your asshole.
by XxMRWORLDWIDExX October 26, 2018
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An exclamation when an upcoming event or deadline is approaching that will most likely lead to hardship. This can be used synonymously with the phrase "Your gonna get raped".
Dakota - "Man, I have two test, a paper, and finals are coming up... I am going to fail out of college...."

Travis - "Well damn, you better prepare your asshole.."
by xSSKT April 27, 2011
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an insult. to squeeze ones finger or two in the exit hole. in the hope of forcing the penile brain into the real brain for extra intelligence.
sam partridge you slut. go finger your asshole. thats saa aa aad
by brendan white June 23, 2003
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