Promotion or preview copy of an cd,album. Mostly all the cd's leaked over the net are advances, which are sometimes incomplete. Which is fucking annoying since nobody will get off their ass to rip the retail. Buy the cd anyways.
I download an advanced version of a bands new album, and it doesnt come out till 2 months!
by Evil_Fucker666 March 5, 2004
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Dahil advance ako magisip, break na kami kahit hindi pa kami
by Jojo De Guzman July 5, 2018
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Being very high off weed.
Damn...I'm advanced as hell. That shit blasted me off to the year 3000.
by mechanicalfather July 28, 2010
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Advancement is a cultural/philosophical condition condition in which a true genius (an "Advanced Individual") creates piece of art that only other Advanced Individuals are capable of appreciating. As a necessary corrolary, the Non-Advanced will perceive the artistric product as bad. That which is Advanced cannot, under any circumstances, be intended as irony. Advancement (and all derviative word forms) must always, always be capitalized. This is highly Advanced English.

Coined by cultural theorist Chuck Klosterman.
Lou Reed; Evan Dando; David Byrne's cover of Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance With Somebody"; Boy Meets World.

The Key to Advancement is that Advanced artists neither (a) do what is expected of them; or (b) do the opposite of what is expected of them.
by R.P. Quinn September 6, 2006
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Part of the sixth season of Pokémon, an popular anime, where Ash, also known as Satoshi in the Japanese version, travels to Hoenn to go on in his journey to become a Pokemon master. On his way, he meets May, an aspiring Pokémon trainer who only wants to travel around the world and they are also accompanied by Max, May's younger brother and the return of Brock.
"The sixth season of Pokemon: Advanced is such a better idea of the show than the originals!"
by patheticness October 16, 2004
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an extremely shiity pencil that has self-advancing lead, but is not refillable... piece of shit... often used to trade at MJHS
Hey, ill give you 18 advancers for that pack of gum.
by MJHS HOT WHORE December 8, 2004
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The one kid in front row at the movies who screeches and cries throughout the entire film and never gets reprimanded or kicked out. -idontwannaknow
Travis is such a SpectrAlert Advance when he doesn't get his way, he almost broke the windows
by Jahamez April 20, 2019
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