The act of annoying someone or pushing their buttons.
"If this bitch don't stop trying me, I'm going to put hands on her!"
by mhilljackson June 13, 2018
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Having a desire--especially within the context of serving prison time.
"I ain't trying to do five years on this."
by Shane McMahon July 12, 2005
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parents, when you’re child says they’re trying they’re trying their hardest. just bc you gave birth to them doesn’t mean you control them bc of their grades. grades don’t define you sweetheart. and to all the children reading this, i know how you feel but i promise you i’m here for you even though you don’t know me.
parents: you’re grades are HORRIBLE (that makes an impact on your life)
child: mom/dad i’m trying but it’s hard
by stealerthingy December 20, 2020
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trying is something should never be done under any circumstance...for example this site has to many ppl trying...2 see someone that tried look up civic?
hey...look at me im looking ehhhhh
by jeff April 11, 2005
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what nathan and i are doing rn at 1 am
“we bc are trying to get fAmOusE on here
by brickarmstrong September 19, 2020
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A mix between the act of talking and crying
Tanya: *in shrill whiny voice* Vickkkyyyyyyyy
Vicky: Tanya I told you 5 times now, stop trying!
by Vicks m. m. December 13, 2005
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