The act of annoying someone or pushing their buttons.
"If this bitch don't stop trying me, I'm going to put hands on her!"
by mhilljackson June 13, 2018
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Having a desire--especially within the context of serving prison time.
"I ain't trying to do five years on this."
by Shane McMahon July 12, 2005
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trying is something should never be done under any circumstance...for example this site has to many ppl trying...2 see someone that tried look up civic?
hey...look at me im looking ehhhhh
by jeff April 11, 2005
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A mix between the act of talking and crying
Tanya: *in shrill whiny voice* Vickkkyyyyyyyy
Vicky: Tanya I told you 5 times now, stop trying!
by Vicks m. m. December 13, 2005
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what nathan and i are doing rn at 1 am
“we bc are trying to get fAmOusE on here
by brickarmstrong September 18, 2020
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A grammatically incorrect form of 'try to'. While 'try and' is commonly used, it is incorrect, as it technically means: try an unspecified action, then do the other, specified action. One can either try something, do something or try to do something, but one cannot try and do something.

Unlike 'try to', 'try and' is seldom inflected; whilst one may (incorrectly) use 'try and' instead of 'try to', one would very rarely use 'trying and' or 'tried and' instead of 'trying to' and 'tried to', respectively.

It is important to remember that 'try' is synonymous with 'attempt'. The word 'attempt' means to make an effort to achieve something. It is very rare to here 'attempt and' as most people recognise 'attempt and' as incorrect, however, the same people often fail bear that in mind when using the word 'try'.
Person 1: Try and speak good English.
Person 2: It is 'try to', not 'try and'; one can try something or try to do something, but not both at the same time.

The phrase 'try and', is as annoying as 'could of'.
by Grammar Policeman July 31, 2018
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