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The "Oh,no!" lumps in a fart that you knew in advance that you shouldn't have risked, due to recent diarrhea.
I felt the fartnuts, and knew that I had to go home to change my shorts.
by Phuqit October 14, 2009
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When you go to suck on some dudes nuts and it tastes like a dank fart.
Friend: "How did last night go"
You: "Good, until I went down on him. I tasted nothing but fart nuts. I almost puked."
by camelwarriorprincess January 01, 2017
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When you fart so hard that it wiggles your nuts.
Oh man, you just ripped a fart nut!
by Laura March 14, 2005
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when u try to do a fake fart, and it doesnt work, u have unintentionaly created a fart nut( when u shit in your pants and leave an annoying turd stain)
he was trying to be funny, but all he got was a fart nut
by slapapig September 23, 2003
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