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(Adj.) The Luddite equivalent of spam. Designation for hard-copy junk mail: from "SN"ail n"OT" wanted.
When I get home from vacation my mailbox is stuffed with bills and snot.
by Phuqit March 06, 2010
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Am male that does stupid things. A male that cheats and gets caught because of social media.. A man that buys bottles and lives at home with his parents.. A man that likes women's pictures on Instagram and gets caught by his woman/baby momma/ wife. A man who Sleeps with his artist and then gives away her song after he proclaims his love for her.. A man who Cheats on his baby momma-- marries his side chick -- then pinky swears on national tv that he is not doing anything wrong... Ask for a paternity test when a snot gave him advice
by Genius lady November 05, 2013
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An whiny and/or annoying young person
Quit asking for candy, you little snot.
by Kenny December 09, 2003
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Something you can sell on ebay, so long as you claim you took it from John lennon's dying body in 1980.
A: I spent my paycheck on a jar of snot that someone took from John Lennon's dying body 24 years ago!

B: You idiot!
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
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Pronounced "snot" it, in fact, does NOT refer to nasal ejaculations, It is merely a conjunction of the words "is" and "not". Used to save time and space. OPTIONAL: "its" may replace "is" if the time is right or during an emergency.
Marshall: "Kim, 'snot gonna work out"
Kim: "Wow wait till my friends hear this 'snot gonna happen."
by GRATZD January 31, 2011
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