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United States Postal Service sanctioned mail consisting of advertisements that 99.5% of the population doesn't want, but they insist on forcing down the captive postal customers throats anyway.
Dang junk mail, there is so much of it in my box clogging it that I'm being driven nuts!!!
by Piranha June 09, 2006
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Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Me? Lonely? No you’re the lonely one u lawn owning freak
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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Hey Brett, no one really wants to see Junk Mail photos of your JUNK, okay idiot?
by bukowsky October 12, 2010
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Unwanted mail. Includes product advertizements and pornography. Especially applies to Internet mail
I have to check my email account every day to clear it of junk mail.
by AYB March 10, 2003
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When you receive an email with a picture of some random dude's dick or 'junk'.This is typically done to shock or embarrass your friends while at work, but random 'junk mailing' does happen from time to time.
"Ah man. Eddie totally hit me with some junk mail while my boss was at my desk. Now he thinks I'm into cock. I should have known it was junk mail."
by Chance2124 April 10, 2008
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Junk Mail /junk male/NOUN: 1.Unsolicited or undesirable selfies of the male genitalia sent via text or instant message. These repulsive images are particularly egregious when said genitalia is flaccid; rendering the transmission of such images unwarranted – as a flaccid penis is completely useless to the recipient. Images of fully erect penis are also distasteful when sent without prior consent. 2.Solicited or desirable selfies of the male genitalia sent via text or instant message. These delightful images are particularly pleasant when said genitalia is erect, serviceable and sent in response to a direct request.* * Direct requests include “Send me some junk mail.”, “Send me a pic of that monster” “I want a pic” “Let me see a pic” or any phrasing that include the words “show” “send” “I want to see” in addition to a reference to the penis. Any other phrasing is pure speculation on the sender’s part and an image of your junk will be unwelcomed. Furthermore, sending a pic of your junk in lieu of a direct request is frowned upon by most women and the behavior should be avoided.
1.Girl he had the nerve to send me some junk mail. I think he gave my computer a virus! 2.Girl he sent me some junk mail! This is going to my inbox first chance I get!
by Kelz4Life! August 21, 2017
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