To take any situation and then murder all the participants except the protagonist for no reason other than a lust for bloodshed and violence. The protagonist is in no way at fault for murdering, or through action or inaction causing all the other participants to be murdered, maimed or otherwise have harm come to their persons.
Mat: "Gaz why did you just disarm those weak starving villagers and send them through the choke point to fight a squad of well trained battle hardened, armed to the teeth dark elf warriors? Their blood is on your hands"

Gaz: "It's not my fault man, I was just making the best of a bad situation"
by William of the Wet Willie August 13, 2006
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the best song made in the naruto ost besides from the sad flute song or something like that
it plays in naruto when someone is getting their ass beat or something is wrong for example it played when Sakura and naruto thought sasuke got kidnapped by them bitches that took over the arena
person a: what is your favorite song
person b: I love the bad situation song from naruto
person a: … *piano sounds*
by sazuke August 23, 2022
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