249 definition by Pete

A rare specimen amongst engineering students: a hot girl
The Aussie chick hates me :(
by Pete December 06, 2004

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a style of jewelry be it neck chain or braclet
yo let me peep that cubanlink chain of yours
yo run your cubanlink chain
by pete November 27, 2004

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n. a type of footwear
see also jandal
"nice flip flops mate"
by Pete January 20, 2004

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When an idiot passes out at a party and someone jizzes on their eyelids. Then, when they wake up they will try to open their eyes and it will be crustied shut with jizz, like when people wake up in the morning with crusty's in their eyes.
I wonder if Tully will be able to open his eyes when he wakes up, boy we really crusty craiged him last night.
by Pete March 18, 2004

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To be capable of managing an experience
"he couldn't handle the jandal"
by Pete January 20, 2004

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When two people are engaged in sex, one person, usually the male, inserts their finger in the anal cavity of their partner, and proceeds to wipe particles of feces on the upper lip of their mate.
My girlfriend and I were having sex last night, and right after I had an orgasm I gave her a dirty sanchez.
by Pete March 20, 2003

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To go down on a woman (give her oral sex).
I went deep sea diving last night.
by Pete November 10, 2004

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