to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority figure.
The cops saw us skipping school so we all got roped up.
by Brett August 29, 2003
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the act of getting caught by the police of feds, usually having to do with drug dealing or robbing.
yoo i herd john boy got roped!
yeah that boy stayed dealing yay
by yungd561 November 09, 2013
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To commit suicide.
Commonly used by incels.
I heard Jimmy roped yesterday.
Yeah. Couldn't take being exposed as a genetic failure every waking moment, even by his own parents.
by ForeverVirginIncel November 23, 2018
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a verb meaning either RAPED or killed terribly by another team or opponent
Man, did you see those newbies in Halo get killed by those Halo professionals.
-Yeah, They got ROPED.
by David Stwarka September 25, 2005
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The act of getting really really high. So high that you are roped
Yo, me and Jonny O got so roped.

Yo man, Joe has burnt so much rope that he might have ropeburn.

Jonny lassoed us a fat noose and we took it to the dome
by honkyasscracka June 29, 2005
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Often written as "long $ROPE" this phrase is used when someone has lost a lot of money on an investment. This is most commonly seen on r/WallStreetbets and is used to indicate that the poster should invest in rope i.e. hang themselves.
After losing $30,000 on $SNAP puts Joe decided his next investment would be to long $ROPE
by Bad investment April 06, 2019
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