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"Code Red" generally applies to any girl who in that particular situation (e.g. The Griffin Inn, Dale) looks quite attractive due to there being a lack of any actually attractive girls in the vicinity. As a result this girl will suddenly find herself idolised and surrounded by up to twenty suitors (posing as a film crew for example) very quickly.
Me: 'Yo, yo! Code Red, over there!'

Pimp: 'Jean Claude Van DAMN she's fine'
by Gooneytothemax July 21, 2009
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When a red slurped from 7-11 is poured into someons pantS
He was bothering us for a while so we gave him the code red behind the school
by Juanllueve January 14, 2015
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A person that one might strongly want to avoid.
Rosalind- "...yeah totally, same"

*dude that Rosalind hates walks in*

Emily- "oh shiz! CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED!!!"
by Goodemilyegg November 24, 2013
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describes the condition when diarrhea is inevitable and a restroom of any sort must be found immediately. This is preceded by code yellow and followed by the dreaded code brown.
Uncle Charlie rushed to the nearest bathroom as his condition worsened to Code Red. It was likely to be a photo finish.
by Alfonso P. McLean April 13, 2004
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Military term for highest authority action given primarily in extermination by all means necessary.
Execute order code red, kill everyone.
by Mj. Steve August 11, 2007
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1. Red-colored Mountain Dew product.

2. One of the earlier computer viruses that propagated both by email and over network connections.

Both of these came out shortly before 9/11 and the Anthrax scare, causing no end of confusion among duh-weebs and n00bs.
Normal, but technologically unprepared person: I was just sitting there drinking my Code Red (1) when Code Red (2) DLed and started spamming everybody in my address book.

Duh-weeb: I understand you got a Code Red infection, but did you spill it on the keyboard or the hard drive?

N00b: It's just scandalous that none of the doctors knew what I was talking about when I asked for inoculation against Code Red!
by Downstrike November 11, 2004
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