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An ultimate fighting mechanism used by the Power Rangers, which is combination of their separate "Zords."
The Power Rangers combined their Zords to form the Megazord.
by Bob November 29, 2003
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A take on the shocker where you combine your two hands into a double shocker gesture and use in the typical way (2 in pink/1 in stink). Named after the Power Rangers fighting robot which combines all the rangers together.
I gave her the sickest Megazord
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
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Sex act involving at least 5 women and one man where in the man inserts each foot into the vagina of two of the women, each fist in another 2, and one on top of his head. In extreme cases, another woman can be used as a codpiece. The man then walks around crushing cardboard boxes like the megazord from power rangers.
Man, I just did the megazord with these 6 chicks and now their vaginas are ruined! High five!
by megazording September 21, 2010
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Towards the end of the show, Power Rangers, the Rangers will summon giant fighting robots called zords which combine to form the megazord! The monster is often finished off when the megazord slashes its sword and the creature falls over and for whatever reason dies as a result of blowing up. Often involves flashy and vibrant special effects, A.K.A. An epileptics nightmare.
"It's Megazord! When evil space aliens threaten Earth, the mighty morphin' power rangers, in their dinozords, morph to become the Megazord, the Megazord is part of the mighty morphin' power ranger's ultimate battle system."
-Hey! I thought you were driving!
-Me? I thought you were.
-(both) OOHHhh!!!
by man in the universe June 10, 2008
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For a multiple amount of guys (minimum of four) to combine their penis' (in a Power Ranger style way) into one all mighty penis, usually causing internal injuries and anal rupture.
Come on guys, lets Megazord that M.I.L.F!
by Weymouth September 07, 2008
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When two men are docking and two other men wrap their ball sacks around the former two men's purple-headed yogurt slingers, then jack them off with their balls sacks.
Jim: God, that megazord last night was legendary!

Tom: Yeah! My ball sack was so slick with lube that it almost slid off your uncircumcised penis!
by Grandmaster Burv December 11, 2010
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