I got tested when I was in the hospital, and they say I got the bug.
by ReadRand January 26, 2007
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When bugs create a new event in a video game, which is not predictable.
Max: When I was playing Police Simulator 2, I ran into a weird bugness
by inshallomander March 28, 2021
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to freak out or be upset.
The same as tripping.
"Why you bugging man? I told you I'd return your cd's."
by Jeff - Toronto, Canada September 12, 2003
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Michael:yo let me have a piece

Sean: nigga you bugging I ain’t giving you shit
by Bruhbreh November 20, 2019
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bug is the smexiest, hottest, bad bitch to ever exist on this earth
by mothmanxx December 20, 2020
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"Don't bug me, I really need to concentrate!"
by Robert October 23, 2003
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a word used to describe someone that you are annoyed with or has bothersome personality characteristics; and/or is otherwise just not a cool person.
Kristin keeps trying to steal my boyfriend, she bugs!

Jason bugs...he stood me up for dinner last night!
by Miss Aisha Marie August 19, 2005
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