something not controlled
She her unrestrained approval in front of the whole crowd. She could have been judged for it.
by vishw February 5, 2014
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UHSPS is defined as a supernatural power and condition where a male produces an insurmountable quantity of precum. Most people will think it’s normal, however only those with UHSPS know that the amount in which they precum is anything but natural. Those with UHSPS usually experience the need for multiple underwear changes through the day and potentially public exposure as the amount will seep through multiple layers on underwear and pants. This phenomenon also begins at the initial thought of sex or arousal before the penis is fully erect, thus those with UHSPS can active their UHSPS with just the thought of their UHSPS. Those with UHSPS also are said to believe that lubrication is a foreign concept because they produce their own naturally. This makes those with UHSPS often sought out after by partners for their natural born gift of self-lubrication. Currently, there is no cure for UHSPS
Did you spill something your pants?

Oh no, that’s just my pre-cum I have Unrestrained Hyper-Testicular Secretion Production Syndrome (UHSPS).

When my ex was giving me a blowjob, he complained, “Sooooo leaky...” due to my UHSPS because he is a little bitch that doesn’t know what’s good for him.
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