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a million dollars

Like grand in reference to a thousand dolal
"He dropped a mint on that lamborghini!"
by Nullpersona December 2, 2006
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Wearing fake items i.e. clothes jewelery, accessories; that have expensive brand names on them, in order to look like you have money when you don't.

See also: rebrand
Rico: "Look at that fool over there with them Foakleys on!"
Smitty: "Haha, that nigga is bull ballin' fo sho!"
by Nullpersona December 9, 2007
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Video Game Boner. Made popular by YouTube show "20 Minutes or Less" co-host, Joe Bereta on the on the SourceFed channel.
"Yeah what gives you a goner? That's a video game boner. Just made it up. It's a thing now."
by Nullpersona February 14, 2012
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Disgustingly large. Obese. Larger than is appealing.

A contraction of the words Gigantic and abound, but larger than both.

Very simialar to ginormous in definition, but with a negative connotation.
Mike: "Did you see that woman who had to be lifted out of her house with a crane!?"
Pat: "Yeah she was gigandabundous!"
by Nullpersona January 23, 2007
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What someone does when they put something hot in thier mouth, rather than spit it out, to cool it.
I couldnt wait to dive into the pizza, so when I bit into it, I was forced to perform a reverse blow, or risk getting 3rd degree burns on my tongue.
by Nullpersona December 9, 2007
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Wearing, an inordinately large amout of jewelry, esp. diamonds, grills, chains, bling, etc.
"My neck look like it's glowin, yellow diamonds make my neck looks shiny."-Young Ill

"Diamonds they gleamin', I'm icey, they cheesin', Hey! Bitch I'm shinin'!"-The Pack
by Nullpersona January 23, 2007
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A person who looks a lot better after you have a few shots of hard liquor in your system.

See also beer goggles
Pat: "When I woke up this morning I thought I was having a nightmare."
Pete: "Why?"
Pat: "The girl I got with last night looked good, but when I sobered up, I realized she was shot hot"
Pete: "How bad was it?"
Pat: "Man, she was Cayote ugly"
Pete: "Whoo, sorry to hear that man, next time don't go out alone..."
by Nullpersona December 9, 2007
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