Smitty is also used for a nickname to call someone with the last name of Smith. Usually a male of the smith family.

Mr. Smith says: Hey neighbor how ya doing today?
Neighbor say: Not bad Smitty. You?
by SmittyB. November 08, 2006
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Nickname for someone with the last name Smith.
Some guy: Hey, Smitty.

Smitty: Hey, some guy.
by Tim Jerome March 18, 2008
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To cancel on someone at the last moment, often without notice
I can't be bothered to go tonight, I'm just going to Smitty this one out.
by DaveOUK November 17, 2008
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The most American title a Smith can be bestowed. This was created when a certain sect of the Smith family that formed in the early 1900s after an extremely American boy was born to an extremely American family. He had many children, the oldest of which passed on this nickname of Americanness and passed it down to his son, who had earned the title at only fourteen. Many claim this title, but there is only one Smitty family.
Andre: Wow, Smitty's so American. He does things normal people find fucked up and isn't afraid of admitting it.
by TheDanzanator March 26, 2010
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The blackest creature in the universe. There’s a planet full of them but there’s one that crash landed on earth and lives in Texas known as the original and blackest of all smittys.
Damn that cockroach over there look just like smitty
by Fortnite smitty May 19, 2019
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The human embodiment of all humanity and god himself. Many including myself consider smitty barstool to be the best fortnite player to ever exist. With a small amount of solo wins, he is still the greatest of all time. He has won the fight for humanity and all should be thankful of his presence and service for barstool sports. Also known for his woman comments
Smitty’s used phrases: “Build, Woman!” “Jump, woman!” “Is that rocket boy?” “Don’t apologize, be better
by Poopbarber July 11, 2019
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Ex truck driver, iron worker, and protector of the people who likes one armed hookers and Fred Meyer checkers
Don't be a Smitty!
by Croc Dude September 21, 2015
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