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phenomenon in which one's consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful; summed up by the phrase, "there are no ugly women at closing time"
When I took her to bed, she looked like Halle Berry. When I woke up, she looked like Keith Richards!
by Silky Smooth November 20, 2003
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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In other words "she's a 2 @ 10 and a 10 @ 2"
Speaks for itself. Can also pertain to a Butterface
by JoBoo January 14, 2005
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When you become drunk enough to find someone you would normally find unattractive attractive enough to have sex with, you are said to be wearing beer goggles.
"Eww - you went home with her?"
"I was wearing beer goggles."
by the devil made me do it January 21, 2003
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Imaginary optical aids through which ugly women begin to appear attractive after you have drunk too much beer.
"What? You fancy that!?! You must be wearing beer goggles".
by garthy July 08, 2006
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An alcohol induced condition of the eyes in which members of the opposite gender appear very attractive.
The guy has beer goggles again. He is staring at that ugly looking girl's tits.
by Light Joker January 29, 2005
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It's when you get so drunk that everything starts to look good.

See coyote ugly
You slept with that chick? Damn, you must have been wearing your beer goggles that night.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
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